Thursday, August 20, 2009

I always imagine "Lisztomania" means making a lot of lists, but that's probably wrong

Since I was en elementary school kid, I've gotten really excited about back-to-school shopping. So excited that I would plan out what I wanted to get, get it, then save the labels in a composition notebook. It's almost scary to think how much I loved collecting labels (not necessarily designer labels, because I was like, nine years old, but actual paper labels) for the love of shopping and cataloging everything. The notebook started in fourth or fifth grade and ended in ninth. Every fall and many shopping trips in between, I'd make pages of labels with notes about the garment's size, color, and style.

Now that I'm getting into my third year of college, it's more about what clothing I *wish* I could buy, rather than the everyday. After all, my notebook would be a collage of the same damn places I can't stay away from (and that I can actually afford): Urban Outfitters, H&M, American Apparel. College, for me, means a wardrobe filled with items from the aforementioned holy trinity mixed with vintage, DIY, and thrift. Don't tell my closet, but as faithful and loving as I've been, I'm secretly longing for everything at Barneys. Sorry. And this is where the blog comes in...

WANT LIST: Saving my allowance, selling used clothes
WISH LIST: Golddigging, selling some plasma and some unnecessary car parts... those exist, right?

1) Silence & Noise Double Breasted Blazer
2) Tights, tights, tights
3) AA leotards
4) Vintage cross-body bags
5) Victoria's Secret bikini (Downside to living in "the OC": less opportunities for proper fall fashion. Upside: Going to the beach every day)

Being a hobbit petite, I've given up on finding good jeans, so I plan on keeping up my current uniform of a top tucked into a skirt or shorts (hence the need for more leotards).

1) Aldo Seace ankle boots (not particularly expensive, but I. Do. Not. Need. More. Shoes. I have to keep telling myself that).

2) Alexander Wang Hanne Zip Boot3) Yves Saint Laurent Imperiale Boot (Psst... Bebe makes a thigh high boot for about $150, not almost $2,000... but hey, YSL is YSL).


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megan said...

I agree about the "tights tights tights"! I'd love more shoes/boots too but I have so many... but a girl can't have TOO many, right?


brandi said...

i agree.

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love that photo- she looks like liv tyler

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The little Black List said...

I dont think we NEED boots, but for some reason I can never have enough. BOOTS, HEELS, SUNGLASSES, HANDBAGS and JEWLERY. gets me everytime


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Carissa said...

gosh! I love that Alexander Wang!

Cherie said...

Beautiful boots.

Brad Fallon said...

That Alexander Wang boot is breathtaking - I love it!

Lela said...

I want all of this now, too. Haha. Spanks.

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The boot on the last pic is amazingly gorgeous!

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